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Episode 151: A Conversation with Esther Meek

A fantastic interview with philosopher, Esther Meek.

A few topics include: 
(3:25) Meek's Background & Philosophical Concerns
(10:30) Epistemological Therapy & Knowledge as Transformation, not Information. 
(12:30) Michael Polanyi
(30:00) Subsidiary Focal Integration
(40:00) Liturgy, Bodied Formation and SFI
(42:20) Covenant Epistemology
A Week with Esther Meek!
An Intro to Covenant Epistemology
We are so very pleased to announce that Esther Meek will be the instructor for our 2018 Trinity Course in August. The course will be held August 13-17 at Beeson Divinity School. Learn More:

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