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Episode 176: The Key to the Reformation, the New Perspective, and the Gospel in Revelation

Peter Leithart and Alastair Roberts discuss the texts for Reformation Sunday in 2018.

3:15 : Why these passages for Reformation Sunday? 
13:20 : The issues that drove Luther, Idolatry and the Search for God
14:49 : Romans 3:19-28
16:19 : New Perspective on Paul and the focus of Romans 3
17:00 : The "Righteousness of God" as attribute of God
18:28 : The Faithfulness of Christ
23:47 : The Gospel in Revelation
31:50 : Matthew 11 and John 8:31-36

For the Missouri Synod Lectionary that Peter and Alastair are using for this discussion, see the link below.

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Books mentioned during this episode:

The Catholicity of the Reformation
Edited by: Carl Braaten & Robert Jenson

Climax of Prophecy: Studies on the Book of Revelation 
by: Richard Bauckham

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